Hidden Peaceful Oasis in the Middle of Bustling Surroundings
       - Paula & Gerald, Canada

    While walking, we found these 3 “cottages” sitting on a huge treed property hidden
    behind a high fence covered with blooms of all kinds. It was love at first sight.   We
    stayed for 4 months and we have only positive comments to make about the location,
    the cottage itself, the gardens, and the wonderful energetic owners, Barbara and

    Location:  As you can read for yourself in the description provided by Barbara and
    Sugrim,  Glenville Gardens is close to everything. For us, the short walk to the beach
    (5 minutes), followed by crossing the street and going for our “latte” and getting our
    daily dose of people watching, was a real bonus.  We even discovered that the gym 2
    minutes away from Glenville Gardens also offered yoga classes.  We don’t bother with
    car rentals while in Barbados, so the proximity to the bus route was ideal.

    “Estelle” our cottage: From an immaculate airy cottage (3 screened doors to
    provide airflow) with a well appointed kitchen, 2 large bedrooms (one to accommodate
    our many visitors), a/c in the bedrooms which we never used (the ceiling fans were        
    sufficient for us) to the special touches –cut flowers throughout the cottage, -fresh fruit
    from the garden left on our doorstep, -plateful of Barbara’s famous coconut bread, we
    soaked it all in and enjoyed every minute of it    -including the basket full of children’s
    beach toys we found on our doorstep when our grand-children came to visit.

    The gardens: There is no need to socialize if you want to meditate.  Each cottage
    has its own private space. On the other hand the grounds are full of fruit trees which we
    tasted often and our grandchildren were delighted to spot the turtles and the green
    monkeys. Barbara was the living encyclopedia that filled me in on the names of
    plants/bushes/ trees.

    Barbara and Sugrim, the energetic owners:   Legend has it that Sugrim and
    Barbara came to Barbados on their honeymoon and Sugrim is to have said: “One day I
    will retire and buy a house here and walk to the beach everyday….” Well the dream
    came true and they seem energized by this new venture that is Glenville.  Their time
    and energy is spent in making everyone’s stay at Glenville a memory to cherish. They
    are perfect hosts, welcoming and warm, helpful without “hanging in your face”.  

    Even as we sit 2000 miles away from Barbados, both my husband and I can still “hear”
    Barbara’s warm, hearty laugh and we smile as we re-live our Glenville experience.

Paula and Gerald - Canada

Everything and More - My husband and I read an article in Conde Nast magazine
about Glenville and then checked the customer referral’s on the website, which were
rave reviews. We made the decision to stay at Glenville for 70 days, wanting to escape
the New England winter. We were a little concerned about the amount of time we were
staying and questioned “what if we don’t like it”. It ended up we didn’t like it, we loved

    Little did we know how wonderful Glenville Gardens would be, or how the owners,
    Barbara and Sugrim, would seal the deal by making our Barbados experience a most
    memorable one.

    Glenville Gardens is in a prime location away from the traffic. The proximity of the
    property to restaurants, shopping, beach, boardwalk, put it near the center of activity
    and yet the environment at Glenville is tranquil. When you walk through their gated
    property you are in a haven, filled with beautiful gardens, fruit trees, box turtles and
    the green monkeys that visit frequently. Quaint, with a homey environment it was

    As if Barbara didn’t have enough to do she, unexpectedly, would bake her delicious
    banana bread or plan a lunch for the guests. Since she is a fabulous cook these
    occasions were most welcomed. Sugrim is wonderfully engaging and always
    entertaining. Both of them could not have been more gracious. The care with which
    Debra attended to our needs was exceptional; her attention to detail along with her
    warm smile, infectious laugh makes me smile as I write this.

    Words cannot express our incredible experience!
    Thank You Barbara and Sugrim for everything!!

Phyllis & Gary  – CT, USA

An Unforgettable Experience - We stayed in Glenville Gardens for only 4 days
(the total length of our visit to Barbados) but they were the most memorable – when
you think of accommodations during a vacation – that we have ever had. The reasons
are exactly what Phyllis and Gary mention in their review.

    We were 2 families (4 adults and 3 kids) and we rented 2 cottages. The stay was
    fantastic – very homely … as good as staying with family. During our 4 day stay, we met
    many of the wonderful other guests including Phyllis and Gary. Barbara and Sugrim
    treat their guests like family (or very close friends) from the beginning to the end. For
    example, on our last night of stay, we were out visiting the town and got late coming
    back to the Glenville Gardens complex. When we opened the gate, we found Sugrim
    (and the other guests) worried that we may have gotten lost or had car trouble. Ever
    had a hotel manager worry about you? Family and close friends DO!

    If you visit Barbados, you have to stay with Barbara and Sugrim – we highly
    recommend the experience. Notice that I did not say “stay at Glenville Gardens” –
    Glenville Gardens is just the property, Barbara and Sugrim are the experience. A hotel
    experience is too cold and impersonal in comparison.

Families of Parag and Mayur - Ohio and New Jersey, USA

Just Perfect in every way! - We were looking for a place to stay in Barbados for 5
nights. I am very particular as our son, 5 years old, can get very sick with little notice.
We wanted a family vacation, quiet but safe for the kids (we also have an 8 year old
daughter) to be themselves. I saw a review of Glenville Gardens and then contacted
Barbara. Since our 5 nights started December 30 most places would not allow us to stay
but Barbara was very welcoming even before we arrived.

    We stayed in Estelle Cottage and it was perfect for us. The kitchen had everything we
    needed and more, with some essentials in the fridge waiting for us so we didn't have to
    rush out to a store. The gardens were so peaceful and the location a short walk away
    from everything we could want.

    We loved sitting outside and watching our kids discover the gardens; they came alive
    and felt free enough to be themselves. Natalie and Ian would look to help Barbara and
    Sugrim with whatever they were up to and Barbara and Sugrim never once made them
    feel they were imposing. Barbara showed them the turtles and monkeys and even left
    some beach toys for them to play with during our stay. My husband and I felt safe to let
    them run as the property is gated so we could relax and know they couldn't get onto the

    We celebrated our 11th anniversary while there and Barbara surprised us with a lovely
    cake! It truly is home away from home! All too soon it was time to leave. I want to
    stress how perfect Glenville Gardens is for people looking for more than a generic hotel
    room. Glenville Gardens is a home away from home where you are welcomed like
    family. If you want a true island experience, talk to people and get to know them, and
    like to be surrounded by tropical splendor then Glenville Gardens is for you.

Gail & RobOntario, Canada

We had a marvelous two-week stay at Glenville Gardens and enjoyed every minute
from start to finish. The start occurred at 1:30 am in the morning (since our flight was
delayed) by a very warm greeting from Barbara and the end was marked by a wonderful
tea party provided by our hosts. In between we could not have found fault with any
aspect of our holiday.

    Our cottage was perfect for our needs; very nicely decorated throughout and the
    overall housekeeping was superb. The location of the property is extremely convenient
    - being very close to lovely beaches, handy for exploring other parts of the island and
    in easy walking distance of a good choice of restaurants.

    However, the most important point to emphasise is the atmosphere that Barbara and
    Sugrim have achieved by creating such a tranquil setting, as they have worked very
    hard to produce a beautiful garden to suit the needs of guests as well as those of the
    birds, monkeys and tortoise that regularly visit! Barbara was a constant source of local
    knowledge and produced plenty of information on places to visit, etc and could not
    have been more helpful.

    Over and above all that, we were amazed at her generosity as we were supplied with
    lovely fruit from the garden, her home-made banana bread and even a cold beer on
    returning from a hard afternoon at the beach! At the very end of our stay we were
    treated to a lovely afternoon tea - the table groaning under the wonderful spread that
    Barbara had prepared - being enjoyed by all guests (from the USA, Canada, Denmark
    and the UK) and hosts alike. That was our last view of Glenville Gardens: a group of
    people chatting and laughing under a blue Barbados sky in a beautiful, lush garden.

    Glenville Gardens comes highly recommended!

Marilyn and David - Cheshire, England

Thank you for your kind words and for wonderful hospitality. Michèle and I feel that
we have made new friends at Glenville Gardens, we enjoyed our stay so much, we have
so much to tell and show our friends and family.

    What creates the special atmosphere at Glenville Gardens has to start with both of you,
    your attention, your kindness, Sugrim's interesting stories…delivered like a poet and
    Barbara's wonderful cooking. We both admire your dedication and hard work to create
    a sustaining Tropical Garden in beautiful Barbados. You will surely create a community
    of Glenville Gardens Friends over the years.

    We felt at home the first day we arrived, we loved the gardens, the fruit, the trees, the
    turtles, the herbs that Michèle used for cooking, the monkeys and most importantly
    your company and the nice guests we met from the US, England, Denmark and our
    fellow Canadians.

    Estelle was perfect for us, spotlessly clean, nice size, well appointed, it had everything
    we needed...plus we had constant concerts from the huge variety of birds, the roosters
    that could be heard starting at 4AM, the occasional intervention of the neighborhood
    dogs that howled in harmony when the monkeys came through their properties...and
    the bat ballet at dusk around the mango tree.

    We could go on and on...and could probably write a book about Glenville Gardens,
    even though we only stayed a month. Best regards, thank you so much for

Laurent and Michèle - Quebec, Canada

"Glenville Gardens is an exotic and very affordable place to stay in Barbados. The
grounds are gated and very private, with the most beautiful array of tropical foliage
throughout the property.

    My girlfriend and I stayed for 7 days in the most charming, comfortable one-bedroom
    apartment I have ever seen! It was beautifully decorated and had every amenity we
    needed. Most importantly, the owners Barbara and Sugrim were impeccably gracious
    hosts. When we arrived, they insisted we sit down with them for a moment to relax with
    a cold beverage after our long flight. Afterwards, they were available around the clock
    to meet any requests we may have had. Our only regrets were that we didn't stay
    longer! Next time, we will stay for two weeks to double our pleasure! Oh, and get ready
    for Barbara's most delicious pastries she is certain to bless you with!

    If you're looking for an affordable, pleasurable place to stay in Barbados that
    has everything - perfect location, warm accommodations and wonderful hospitality
    - look no further than Glenville Gardens. You'll be glad you stayed!"

Joel and Alecia - New York City, USA

After much online research and consideration, Glenville Gardens was selected as the
preferred location for our 2008 Christmas holidays, edging-out other locations for its
tropical setting, privacy and selection of fresh fruit. The sense of seclusion within a five
minute stroll of Accra Beach offered just the right balance that was sought. The
unequivocal delight was our discovery that the hosts, Sugrim and Barbara, made our
stay even more special in ways too numerous to mention here. Glenville Gardens is well
situated, well maintained and well worth the visit, and if Barbados is on your list of
places to visit, Glenville Gardens must certainly be the preferred destination!    

mgm + lv - UK

I am  back in Bermuda safe and sound.  I am now at my desk facing the challenges and
stresses of my world.  Glenville was a welcome respite from all this craziness.

    I had an absolutely wonderful time at Glenville.  As I told you, almost all of my trips
    (about 12 times a year) involve staying in large hotels with all the creature comforts
    one could want.  However, my spirit prefers to be surrounded by little "concrete" and
    lots of Mother Nature's bounty and so, Glenville was a beautiful diversion from the
    "large hotel scene".  The gardens were beautiful; the sound of birds singing to me each
    morning and the home-baked goodies were a special treat :)  I have yet to see the turtles
    that are purported to be cavorting around the property :)

    I really appreciated your warm hospitality and the relaxing atmosphere. I shall
    definitely be promoting Glenville as a place to get away form all the "hustle and bustle".

Eddie - Bermuda
Glenville Gardens - Barbados
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"For a peaceful spot to
lay your head, Glenville
Gardens, a refuge of
three pleasant,
well-equipped cottages
(Estelle is the roomiest),
is a couple of blocks from
Accra Beach, in Hastings.
Taste the golden apples
(like a kiwi-mango
hybrid) that fall from the
trees, and keep your eyes
peeled for a family of
monkeys and six shy

Condé Nast Traveler
July 2009
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